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.:: I N N O C E N C E ::.
A Pokemon Journey Roleplay w/ Tales of Innocence and Tales of Vesperia themes
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Rated T

“Someone was hurt before you, wronged before you, hungry before you, frightened before you, beaten before you, humiliated before you… yet, someone survived… You can do anything you choose to do.”
–Maya Angelou



  • Imperial Capital, Zaphias
  • City of Guilds, Dahngrest
  • Secretive Town, Lark
  • The Holy City, Naohs
  • Town Beneath the Sand, Kurado
  • The Colosseum, Triumphos
  • Heliord, City of Blossoms
  • Ashihara, the Imperial Stronghold
  • Garam, Town of the Market
  • The Port City, Galpos
  • City of the Ancients, Mamut
  • The Southern City, Tenos


Long ago, the Kingdom of Zaude were in a state of a war. Powerful war beasts known as pokemon used their power to claim glory, and dominance. Their goal is to acquire the Manifest, an incredibly powerful artifact that can unite the heavenly domain of Devaloka and the earthly plane of Naraka into one paradise... or destroy both. The powerful generals of this empire included the tactical pokemon, Virizion, the headstrong general pokemon, Cobalion, and its leader, the powerful pokemon, Terrakion. Zaude, however, powerful had a powerful enemy: the Ratio. The Ratio wanted to dominate their competition in order for them to be the most powerful force in the world, using the Manifest to carry out the task of having both worlds in one fist. These pokemon included: the pokemon of water, Suicune, the pokemon of lightning, Raikou, and the general, the pokemon of fire, Entei. They also believed that you should not run away from your beliefs that can only be defended by fighting. While these legendary pokemons' ideals conflicted, each were right in their own way.

One day, beneath a foreign sky, the mighty legendary pokemon Terrakion leads a charge against the armies of Ratio. Finally, the battle comes down to a duel between Terrakion and his greatest rival, Entei. Terrakion uses its most powerful move, The Sacred Sword attack, to defeat his enemy. With his last breath, Entei swears to evaluate the results of Entei's campaign in another life.

With the war over, The Imperial Capital of Zaude kept itself in peace. Pokemon and humans grew better and better relationships with each other, and re-made Zaude into a more safe, and peaceful society. Professor Vayne, a pokemon professor who studies the legendary 6 pokemon who watched over Zaude during the war, spent years, and years of searching for records of these beats, but so far, nothing, other than a small painting of what these beats might of looked like. What happened to these pokemon after the events that transpired into peace?

That question soon led her to the ancient temples of Zaude, where it had the only record of these pokemon, painted on the walls. Soon, it dawned on her - what if these pokemon weren't pokemon at all? In fact, what if they were at one point--

However, her thought was interrupted by footsteps. It was then that she saw him. A man who beared a strange red and blue mark on his face. He stared at Vayne with emotionless eyes, but he then turned and walked away out of sight...


Ericka "Eri" Kenway

Pokémon on hand:

Aina Martis

Pokémon on hand:

Timothy "Mothball" Collins

Pokémon on hand:

Kaiba Swordkin

Pokémon on hand:

Josè Relámpago

Pokémon on hand:

Lv. 10
Dark Pulse, Bounce, Scratch, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Fake Tears

Samuel Davi

Pokémon on hand:
Bite, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Arc One: The Guilds' Battle

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The Imperial Captial, Zaphias

Setting: Zaphias, being the capital of Zaude, is of course the largest city in all of Zaude. The first settlers of Zaphias made their homes on a rim that was created from a meteor storm that was said to be created by a legendary pokemon, but later began developing the inside of the crater to obtain a more comfortable environment. Over many years, the seawater dammed up, and a port was built. Buildings grew higher as they searched for sunlight. Eventually, when LATIOS was established, the installation of machines were produced throughout the city, including the photon barrier that surround the city, protecting the citizens from wild, vicious, pokemon. This industrial activity and the wideness of the land drew people from around the world, resulting in the city becoming the capital of the kingdom.

Zaphias is a tiered city with separate living areas for different social classes. The nobles and royalty live on the top tier, where the shopping district is. It is also where Professor Vayne's Pokemon lab is located. More importantly, this is where the castle of Zaphias is, where the Prince, the heir to the throne, lives, along side the Zaude knights, watching over Zaude for security reasons.

The people who are middle and lower class live in the lower tier of Zaude. While the people of the nobility and royalty often look down on the people living in the lower tier, the middle and lower class people didn't mind it at all; they still continued to live peaceful lives. The problem is, their problems in the city whenever it came to being bled dry of wealth ad food because of taxes, or sometimes from lack of water, is often ignored by the Zaude Knights, since the Zaude knights look after the nobility more often. Fortunately for them, Professor Vayne's laboratory in the higher tier is open for everybody - even for people living in the lower tier, since Vayne is pretty open to people when it came to new trainers of helping her of meeting new pokemon.

Story: It became mid-day in the busy city of Zaphias, where people began shopping, people trained and battled their pokemon, and even a couple of knights in the kingdom preparing for their next mission. Meanwhile, Professor Vayne, a professor who eccentrically studies the ancient legendary pokemon that were in the fabled war, was busy in her lab, preparing for the arrival of her invited trainers. Soon, her lab front door knocked. When she opened the door, she was soon face to face with a familiar figure.

"Commandant Varus!" She addressed with an open smile. "This is quite the surprise! Shall I bake you up a batch of Raikou claw cookies over a nice batch of hot-tea? Or no; how about an Orange drink? I actually hate tea."

"I'll have time for that some other time," replied the commandant as he stepped right in the lab. "I was just around, and I was just wondering; how goes your research in the Forest of Mov Gropth?"

"Er..." said the professor as she fiddled with her glasses. "I.. haven't actually gotten around to do that yet. BUT! I have Intel that a lone green figure was seen floating around there. It was... something similar to a spit -- I mean, spirit."

"That's quite the Intel," Varus commented. "I trust that you will investigate this further?"

"Well... um..." Vayne began. "Maybe?"

"You are a researcher in an imperial pokemon laboratory," Varus explained. "You must undertake the tasks assigned to you."

"You see," Vayne replied. "I.. I kind of figured that the new pokemon trainers will handle it--"

"No," Varus insisted. "This is an important task for someone that is well suited and experienced in this field. We have reports of high concentration, and mutation of plants in the area."

"I'm sorry but... plants is sort of not in my specialty."

"Consider the connection to pokemon there," Varus explained. "Pokemon aggressiveness has also increased in that area as well. What if this is caused by a separate power? I imagine that is in your league?"

"I... um..."

"It seems that I can take that reply as an indication of your agreement," Varus said as he re-opened the door. "By your leave then."

"Wait," Vayne called after him. "There's still the matter of handing out the pokemon for the new trainers. After that, I'll go to the forest via way of Dahngrest."

"Very well." Varus agreed as he finally stepped out the lab, leaving Vayne behind.

Mission: It's time to get your starter pokemon! Feel free to explore around Zaphias. Whenever your ready, head towards the lab where you'll meet Professor Vayne.

She's... a little weird, and pretty much a crazy eccentric, especially when it comes to pokemon. Like her or not, she'll introduce you to your starter pokemon, as well as explain her field of researching legendary pokemon. She'll also give you your pokedex, a hi-tech pokemon encyclopedia developed by LATIOS.

After that, feel free to exit Zaphias whenever you want, and I'll post up the next area! By the way, you're allowed to bunny Professor Vayne.


The nobles and some of the kids in the lower tier of Zaphias has pokeon ready for battle too. After you've gotten your starter pokemon, you can, of course, battle any of these nobles or the people of the lower tier you want:

If you do wish to battle them, (and btw, you can choose what pokemon they have) your pokemon can receive a nice level boost!

What you may, must, can try, and may not do in Zaphias in a nutshell:

- You must come to Vayne's lab (that's where your starter is!)
- You may create NPC's.
- You may interact with other characters in this RP, since it is possible to be around the same area at a same time~ (as long as it's okay with whomever your interacting with!)
- You may do the optional mission.
- You may exit Zaphias any time you receive your starter, and I'll post up the new area.


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