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Since my last post, I trained up my team for Crasher Wake and I needed an extra temporary team member to deal with his Pokemon so I caught this guy:

Pikachu ♂ Lv27
Impish nature
"Likes to thrash about"
- Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt
- Double Team
- Slam

And here's the rest of my team:

Quagsire ♀ Lv28
Lax nature
Water Absorb
"Quick tempered"
- Mud Shot
- Slam
- Mud Bomb
- Amnesia

Roselia ♀ Lv26
Bold nature
Natural Cure
"Likes to thrash about"
- Giga Drain
- Leech Seed
- Magical Leaf
- GrassWhistle

Staraptor ♀ Lv36
Rash nature
"Somewhat vain"
- Aerial Ace
- Double Team
- Fly
- Close Combat

Infernape ♂ Lv36
Rash nature
"Somewhat vain"
- Mach Punch
- Flame Wheel
- Ember
- Close Combat

I also have a Bidoof, but I'm not listing him cos he's an HM Slave.

And yes, my Monferno evolved since my last post. Roselia and Pikachu need extra training to handle Crasher Wake's Pokemon. Roselia will star against Quagsire, Pikachu can deal with Gyarados while Staraptor can help a bit against Floatzel despite the risky Ice Fang.
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