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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Some copy-paste errors come from Word, like words will merge randomly likethis. Henceforth, I will try to avoid using a Word-Processing Document, and start typing in the provided submission boxes. If it crashes and the chapter is lost, there will be a slight delay. It also means I need internet to write the new chapters. Sorry for the slower pace, but this is my decision from Chapter 4 onwards.

Chapter Four: Blood Upon My Hands
The young girl with the blonde hair awoke to find a pokemon sleeping beside her. It let out a soft purr with each breath, it's belly gently fluctuating. She angled herself to get a better look at the adorable creature, and saw something different about it's arm. She nearly screamed when she saw the blade, and had to hold in her lunch when she noticed the blood. Felicia wanted to climb out, but she knew that the Zoroark was probably waiting for put her under an illusion if she tried to escape. There had to be a way, though. Without waking up the Meowth of course. If that wild, savage freak of nature woke up...
"Good morning."
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" the girl cried out in response to the gentle voice.
"Oh. I'm sorry for disturbing you, miss." the Meowth sighed, before it paused. "How did I get here, again?"
"I don't kn--Oh. You didn't. You're just an illusion to keep me here." the girl sighed, before sitting back down. The Meowth observed it's surroundings, a dull throbbing within its head.
"I'm not an illusion. I am Professor Jeremy, but you can call me Jerry." the Meowth sighed.
"Yeah, right. And my grandmother's the champion of Tayna." Felicia snorted.
"I'm serious!" the Meowth protested, attempting to facepalm. It's palm was cold and thick, and it's fingers were missing. The professor stared at its limb, and the memories came rushing back. It fell to its knees and let out a wale that no living creature should ever have to make. A wale full of sorrow and fear.
"If you're not an illusion, get us out of here." Felicia sighed.
"The door was unlocked when I came in." The Meowth stuttered, its breath still taken. It pounded on the trapdoor, and noticed it had been locked while he had slept.
"We're being held hostage by a Zoroark." Felicia explained.
"Not anymore." the pokemon said, before pulling a small cord at the shiny red thing where his shoulder should be. A noise filled the room, and within the moment, there was another exit. A hole carved by an artifically altered pokemon. A hole which a girl and a Meowth crawled through.
"You're real." Felicia realized, noticing her surroundings.
"No freaking duh." the professor retorted, before sighing.
"Thanks. Sorry about calling you a freak...I thought you'd like, slice me in half with that thing." the girl grinned.
"I do look pretty creepy with this son of a Stunfisk on my person." the Meowth laughed.
"Why'd you do that to yourself, professor?" Felicia asked, as the two began to exit the tower.
"Simply because it wasn't me. Some psychotic...ZOROARK!" Jerry yelled.
"The Zoroark that captured me altered you?!" Felicia squeaked, suddenly frightened.
"No, it was another mad scientist." Jerry whispered, his voice quaking with fear.
"Then, why'd you yell Zoroark?" Felicia asked.
"Because...Zoroark." Jerry stated. Felicia looked forwards and groaned.
"Oh, I see, now. Zoroark."
The hostile dark pokemon approached them, before letting out a roar, encapsulating the two into an illusion. It then stepped forwards and grabbed both of them, before bounding out of the tower.
"Felicia, oooh, Felicia. I'm going to save you and then we're going to be under a tree kissin' like 1983." Eric sang to himself as he trained his pokemon. Nuku was having special troubles, where Koza excelled. Why couldn't his Mudkip take down a Petilil without sustaining serious damage?! The boy remembered Felicia's ramblings about mechanics of battle, and about typings and such. Why hadn't he listened? Now, she was gone, and it was up to him. As heroic as that sounded in his own head, he was frightened to the core. How would he stop Zoroark? That stupid pokemon deserved to be put down by any means necessary, perhaps a chainsaw. The boy looked forwards and saw the gym. Once he beat that gym, he knew that he'd be strong enough to go after Felicia.
"Hey, kid!" a voice, rang out, interuptting Eric's thoughts.
"Hm?" the boy asked.
"Let's have a battle, now! I'm going to be the strongest!" the random kid blurted out, energetically.
"No." Eric responded, and he began to walk away.
"YES! My name is YuYu and I'm going to be the best trainer ever!" the kid chanted, running in front of Eric and blocking his path.
"No." Eric said again.
"But every trainer has to start a battle when their eyes meet! It's an unwritten rule!"
"But I'm not a trainer." Eric lied, and he continued on his way.
"Yes, you are! You were kidnapped by the hostile Zoroark that Luntos is ordering a manhunt for! Luntos mentioned you and I saw you on the television!" the kid grinned.
"I wasn't kidnapped. The Zoroark just grabbed me and let me go,and I walked back into the gym." Eric clarified.
"But...but...ZOROARK!" the boy yelled, his voice shrill.
"I don't care, YuYu."
"No, I mean it! Zoroark!"
Eric looked and saw the dark pokemon emerge from the tower with Felicia and a Meowth. It darted away, north of the town, brushing aside a hiker.
"I'm going after it!" Eric called out, running forth.
"STOP! You need to have two gym badges!" the hiker said, tauntingly.
"I don't have time for this! Just let me go!" Eric protested.
"Nope. You need to have two gym badges." The hiker laughed, his fat belly pumping.
"Just battle me, dude. You'll get some experience for the gym!" YuYu claimed, walking up to the two.
"Fine, then. Hiker, if I beat this guy, will you let me go?!" Eric asked exasperated, trying to find the quickest way through. Who cared about a lousy gym?
"Sure! Beat the kid!" the hiker laughed. One little kid versus a gym leader? Yes, this would let Eric move on faster.
"Alright, YuYu. Let's battle." Eric said, grabbing his pokeballs.
"Great! You'll lose though, I'm really good!" YuYu said rather loudly, bouncing up and down in his excitement.
It had been an entire day, and she hadn't recieved a call from Eric! Her little boy forgot to call! What if he was in trouble?! The anxious mother threw her Xtransciever against the wall. Why had she listened to Felicia and the professor? She swiftly stormed out of the house and marched into the laboratory within the same town.
"Morning, miss." a voice rang out from the other end.
"Where's the professor?! We need to talk." the mom fumed.
"Why?" the assistant asked.
"Because my little Eric can't handle himself in the big world! I don't trust Felicia...I'm going to Tayna, and I'm going to travel alongside the boy." the mom declared.
"Miss, ten-year-olds do this journey. I'm sure your son can handle it." the assistant sighed.
"Fine. I won't go to Tayna." his mom disapprovingly stated.
"Good decision." the assistant responded, before turning his back and walking away.
"But, there's a catch! I want somebody else by him. Somebody that's not Felicia!" the mom demanded.
"You can sort it out with the boy on your Xtransciever." the assistant calmly stated.
Eric's mom stormed out of the lab and grabbed her own Xtransciever and opened the call feature. He wouldn't answer, still. Fine then. If she couldn't reach Eric in three days, she'd have the journey cancelled and bring him back to Graysky. If the professor wouldn't pay for the return trip, then there'd also be a lawsuit involved. His mother sat down on her chair and turned on the television. Perhaps she was overthinking it.

"THE ZOROARK WENT SO FAR AS TO EVEN TEMPORARILY KIDNAP THE BOY!" a reporter said. A picture of Eric was shown. The mom's jaw dropped.
"BUT HE WAS FREED BRIEFLY AFTERWARD AND CONTINUES ON HIS JOURNEY UNFAZED. THE GIRL IS STILL MISSING." the reporter said. The mom turned the television off. Little kids shouldn't be going through that kind of stuff! She'd bring Eric home any way that she could.
My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
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