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Quote originally posted by MidnightShine:
Oh yes, to celebrate your shop's opening, Laugh, here's a challenge!

User Name: MidnightShine
Pokémon: Thundurus Therian
Colour Palette: Black Kyurem
Notes: C'mon, do your best!
I failed on my first try, but here's your request, Mid.

Thanks for the challenge! Come back if you wish!

Quote originally posted by SummerSkies:
Hi Laugh, congratulations on opening your shop! I love your sprites. I would like to request a fusion Pokemon.

User Name: SummerSkies
First Pokémon: Altaria
Second Pokémon: Swanna
Colour Palette: light sky blue, white, and brownish orange
Notes: I would prefer it if the beak and the legs of the sprite are a brownish orange. Thank you in advance for creating a sprite.
Here's your request! It was a bit hard on the feet, tho.

Please tell me if you want a redo, I can make it better. Come back soon!
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