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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
I like Serperior and Boldore a lot.

I can't remember their names, but there are two half-flying type pokemon that take FOREVER to evolve.. and those are probably the only ones I hate so far.
You mean Rufflet and Vullaby.

But yeah, design-wise I have to say that alongside the Oshawott line I also adore the Vanillite line for being cute and based on an ice-cream. There's just something I love about those Ice-types, even though their movepool is a bit lacking they do have impressive stats. Also, when I first saw Gothitelle I underestimated it at first, but its cry sounding like the Psycho shower music made me love it. Then I used one on my team, and it made an amazing member. I was even impressed by Jellicent's good capabilities in battle, I often switch the movesets on my two Jellicent so I can try both defensive and offensive sets. Unova had such impressive Pokemon that really showed potential for me.

Volcarona was another one I tried out, and it actually did a good job with Quiver Dance. Same goes for Lilligant, I thought she was terrible due to her shallow movepool but at least she has the stats. Darmanitan and Emboar were also heavy hitters and I have to say, the Fire Pokemon in Unova are pretty tough, which was something I was always looking for in Fire-types. Whimsicott is also a good threat on the defensive spectrum with all those status moves to abuse Prankster.

The only ones I particularly hated were the Trubbish line and Stunfisk. Their designs were just gross.

But I have to say each of the starters really went with my playing style, despite what most people think about them. I've heard of people ditching their starter cos of bad stats but I worked in sync with them well, especially the Oshawott line due to being able to run mixed sets. This was apparently why the Oshawott line became my favorites.
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