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Let's see...

For favorites, Golurk is/was awesome. Awesome design, awesome ability (not talking about you klutz) and awesome moves. It was the strongest pokemon on my team when I used it. And who doesn't like a giant robot who can fly. I mean, come on!

Another pokemon I really liked was Leavanny. I love bug and grass types, and my Leavanny was really strong! And then a damn Stoutland killed her. :(

Which brings me to my next favorite, Stoutland! I love how it hits like a train, and it's one of the first pokemon you can get when starting off the game. It's so strong, learns some awesome moves, and is just overall amazing!

As for ones that I hate... to be honest, I don't really hate any pokemon. I kind of respect them all, because I've learned that many are better than I thought they would be. That being said, I'm not a very big fan of Zebstrika. I found it to be surprisingly weak, which was annoying. I also have a vendetta against Sigilyphs. Because they always make my pokemon faint! And that makes me really want to use one someday!

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