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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
From memory, you cannot get all the Kanto Pokemon in HG/SS. Even if you could, your point has already been rendered as moot as you can get all of Hoenn's Pokemon minus Jiranchi and Deoxys between Gens 4 and 5. I believe you can get all of them minus the Starters and the Weather Trio in Generation 5 (still excluding Jiranchi and Deoxys who are Download Events anyway so you can't even get them through main game events)
Still, the DS (Lite) is a particularly endangered species, so Gen 3 -> Gen 5 transfer is really limited.
Besides, not everyone will have the gen 4 games (I know some people who don't own a single gen 4 game but jumped straight to BW). They cannot transfer their Gen 3 pokemon over.

That said, if RSE were remade for 3DS, I seriously wonder HOW are GF going to implement the transfer system. Something like Dream Radar?