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What primarily attracts me is the artwork. Since I've been drawing myself for as long as I can remember, I've always been interested in media that includes drawings instead of live acting. So my childhood is filled with cartoons, and primarily comics (mostly gag comics like Beetle Bailey).

I was introduced to the anime style in Pokémon, Digimon and the likes. Especially Pokémon was interesting, and after I started playing the games I began drawing in a style very reminiscent of Ken Sugimori's. So by this point, at age eight or nine, I'd already basically started drawing manga/anime. So when I was finding comics and cartoons with more developed art and plot, like anime, obviously I was intrigued.

For a while I had the whole holy crap this is the best thing ever-mindset, and started getting heavily invested in the culture (as a result, I probably know much more about Japan and know the language more fluent than I like to admit). But nowadays it's just an artform with a distinct humor and some really good series here and there. By now I've realised the plot and art often are "inferior" to many western productions, though. I've gotten rid of most of the original bias.
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