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Quote originally posted by Zet:
I love game remakes, in fact; a remake I'm looking forward to will be released in 9 days(destructoid even rated it 10/10).
You're talking about Persona 4 Golden, correct?

Yeah I actually wanna talk about this. It's not really a remake per se, rather a port of the PS2 game with added stuff. Or maybe an update would be better (Like Marvel vs Capcom 3 -> Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 or even Persona 3 -> Persona 3 FES and SMT Nocturne -> SMT Nocturne Maniax), just on a different system. It's the same exact game, but with added stuff. Though it's the added stuff that I'm concerned about, which apparently is a lot of fanservice.

Not gonna spoil or anything, but after I heard how bad the fanservice is, I decided to check what they're all about. Yeah pretty much, they're really downgrading to the characters (particularly Naoto, who just so happens to be my favorite in vanilla P4), so it really bothers me that I have this crap in a Shin Megami Tensei game. I'm still getting it because Persona 4 is my favorite RPG (with Nocturne) and I can get to social link with Adachi and get new demons/Personae. (Loa, Baphomet and Son Wukong. <3) And it's Persona 4 on the go, that's good enough of a reason to get it.

Also the reviewer who gave the game 10/10 is a huge fanboy of Persona, and gave vanilla Persona 4 and Persona 3 [FES] 10/10 as well. lol


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