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It's possibly because I am Asian, I never felt anime was a subculture (for me at least). When I went to Hong Kong, My cousin introduced me to Pokemon...and when I came back to the U.S., tthe enjoyment of it didn't stop there. (I was pretty obsessed)

In elementary, I made a friend that was pretty obsessed with Pokemon too. And when my friend branched off to Naruto, I felt like I lost contact with her. Eventually, I tried all different kinds of anime, had my otaku ways, etc. I eventually stopped watching anime for a year in middle school. But when freshman year came up, I made a tumblr and I constantly saw Reborn! on my dash. I went back to anime (and Pokemon). Lucky for me, BW1 would release and strengthen my love for Pokemon.

I don't think I would stop watching anime or manga. I truly regret not watching more anime in my middle school years. I have so much more pressure now as compared to then.
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