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The Children Are Hunted

Rated M for Violence, Cursing, and possible Romance

Original RP created by Roserade

Co-GMed by Fuyu and Nideous

Welcome to Pangaea. No this isn't a region. This is Earth, trapped in time. This is the modern world. This world has been touched by Pokemon, mysterious and powerful creatures who appeared on the Earth one day god knows how many years ago. No one remembers that is for certain and no one can find any records nearby, so it has at least been a good few hundred years. These wonderful creatures are special. They can speak human speech until they are captured. Basically until they are fully under a human's care, they are perfectly sentient and communicative with us. After that however, it is up to the human to figure out the rest.

The relationship was rocky at first but over time it has become relatively peaceful here on Earth. As humans took on the task of training their new friends, a League formed to keep these people in check and test their skills. Winning the League was next to impossible but an honor in itself. Over time, more jobs formed with humans and Pokemon working together, creating a whole new way of life. It was difficult but now the world was fine.


Not entirely so.

You see, there are quite a few groups working beneath the surface recently. One is called, oddly, the Knights of Valor. No one's sure who came up with that name. However, they are working to separate Pokemon and humans, for reasons no one is entirely sure of why. They seem to dislike the effects humans have on Pokemon and There are even rumors of an island off the west coast of Pangaea being developed. This organization is mostly made up of humans, but there could be a few Pokemon intermingled as well. For the good of society of course.

Another group is known simply as Dawn. Run by an enigmatic man named Theodore Ebony, on the surface it seems to want to dominate the existence of Pokemon as a whole. However, no one can be entirely sure that's the case due to his lower profile. In fact, the Dawn Organization has been underground for the past seven years, spoken of only in whispers. No one knows much of anything about it, other than simply as a summer camp for "gifted" children. What kind of gifted? You shall see, you shall see indeed.

Also, there have been rumors going through wild Pokemon as of late. There's a small sect of the Pokemon world that is very unsatisfied with the world. They are rather ferocious toward humanity and perhaps even violent in many cases. They will liberate their fellows by force, even if a human dies. It is of no concern to them. They are called the Rebels for the Destruction of Man, or the RDM after all.

As of the past few years, due to the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]actions[/COLOR][/COLOR] of these organizations, Pokemon training has declined. Children are being kept indoors, to normal careers, deemed too young to go out in the wild world. That doesn't stop anyone of course but it has lowered the amount of people on the streets. That is about to change.


So... who are you?

You could be one of seven children, a person unknowingly about to embark on a journey that may change the fate of the world as you know it. You have had very strange dreams of the world outside where you live over the past few weeks, perhaps of a creature only whispered of in mythology. Whatever the case, you have decided to face them and see for yourself what the real world holds. You are a very special trainer indeed but what you are may be entirely a mystery. But perhaps you are already aware of a power sleeping within you. Whatever the case may be, some people have the thought that the League might be have ideas on how to bring peace to the world. The only way to reach them is the Gyms. Simple right?

You could also be a member of one of the groups spoken of above, Pokemon or human. You seek to free Pokemon from humans or hold them entirely under your control. Whatever the case, you may take an interest on these seven children, these Harbingers of some sort. Your task is to follow the commands of your leaders, whoever they may be, and possibly follow those children as well.

Well, we'll wait and see.


1. All PC rules apply.
2. Please post only IN CHARACTER in the IC thread. Sign ups and discussion go in the OOC thread only. If it is really important to ask in the IC thread, put it with one of your incharacter posts or ask the RPer directly via their profile.
3. Please keep to the 100 word minimum in the IC thread. We want good, in depth posts. If you want to Pokemon battle with a fellow RPer, perhaps joint post. If you're interacting, you don't have to joint post, but make sure to make detailed posts to read.
4. You can have unlimited minor [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]characters[/COLOR][/COLOR]/NPCs. In fact, you can even kill some of them. Be careful just chopping off heads though. They need no SU.
5. Like it is stated in rule 4 keep note of the rating. It is M for violence, swearing, and even romantic hints, but that does not mean go all out on the gore and violence. The same with deaths. Don't go too deep in the dripping blood and whatnot.
6. Captures are automatic and Pokemon found are left to your idea. However, you can't find a Magikarp on the forest floor or a Glalie in a volcano without some very special circumstances. So stick to common sense or ask if you're not sure. Levels are also left to your discretion, but use your head, your level 15 Umbreon won't be able to beat and help you catch a level 50 Garchomp. Captured [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]pokemon[/COLOR][/COLOR] must be near the level of the rest of your team or lower.
7. [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Battles[/COLOR][/COLOR] are left to your discretion but you can't win every single one. Levels are also left to discretion but one fight does not give your level 10 Bonsly twenty levels in the beginning of the roleplay. Moves are a limit of four per Pokemon. TMs are also non-existent at the present time and the moves are learned naturally, therefore there must be a post about them learning the move, or more than one.
8. Fuyu and Nideous are your co-GMs here so don't be afraid to chatter at us.
9. Have fun everybody!

Spots Open:



Dialga- Taken by Nideous

Palkia- Taken by Mr.Mammoth

Giratina- Reserved for Fuyu

Groudon- Taken by DeLaMuerte

Kyogre- Taken by Greiger

Rayquaza- Taken by roen52

Other Legendaries may be minor characters over the course of the roleplay.

Knights of Valor

1. Taken by Icy Burn

1. Taken by Garet
2. Taken by Claire*
3. Reserved for heretostay123

Sign Up Sheets


Age: (10 or older.)
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)
Personality: (How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)
Background: (Their life before the dreams, family life, school life, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please)
Legend: (One of the above)
Powers: (Basic idea, but must fit the legendary pokemon of the character, for exaple, the Groundon Harbinger can't use any kind of water or air based power.)

Pokemon (Up to Two)

Level: (Up to 15)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

Knights of Valor

Age: (15 or older.)
Appearance: (Images are acceptable but one or more paragraph descriptions are preferable.)
Personality: (How they act, their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, charming points, etc. Two points please.)
Background: (Their life before they became members, family life, school life, etc. How did they get to this position? Do they have Pokemon? Two Paragraphs at least please)
Position: (Are they Captains, field soldiers, office workers, trainees?)

Pokemon (Depending on their rank, it determines how many Pokemon and their levels, Trainees get one or two, field soldiers and captains get up to five, and office workers get up to four.)

Level: (Trainees: up to level 15, Field soldiers and office workers up to 20, and Captains up to 25)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the human and Pokemon met, grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

RDM Sign Up

Level: (Up to 40)
Moves: (One Egg Move and TM move allowed)
Background: (How the Pokemon grew up, how they evolved if they did, etc)

(If you would like to be a part of Dawn, please contact myself or Nideous so you can get the sign up sheet. There will only be one or two allowed for this position.)

Accepted Characters:

Stryker the Zoroark (Garet)

Thomas Elias Brown (Nideous)

Mars Artio (Icy Burn)

Francis Fine (Greiger)

Glacia the Dragonair (Claire*)

Jari Hernandez (DeLaMuerte)

Alexander Michael Collins (roen52)

Lars Viklund (Mr.Mammoth)
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