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LOL. Yeah a lot of people are doing the whole "I'll pay the college back web I get a job" thing. Which is like taking out a second mortgage. A lot of people are complaining about how expensive their country is and how there's so little money, especially in the US. I was talking to a few people from the US during te elections and they were giving out about it. I said it could be worse, that Ireland isnt so good. They were like "nah you guys are fine, you have it all sorted out. No problems nope."

I was like... "the country is bankrupt, America isn't even in a recession" lol. It's funny how people say how bad they have things. I'm saying that and realising I could be living in a 3rd world country. Gotta be grateful for what you got! That's why I am pretty okay about not going out too often.
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