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Yukiko continued walking towards the group of people. As she drew closer, nervousness started to take hold of her. "Will they like me? Will they like how I look? What if they stare? Will they hurt me?" All these questions started to race through Yuki's mind, causing her steps to falter and slow down. She then caught herself in time and angrily shook away those thoughts from her mind. "No! I must be strong! Time to get out of your comfort zone, Yuki!" she whispered fiercely to herself, giving her arm a small pinch.

With slightly renewed confidence, she finally stood about five meters away from the group of people. Yukiko, although being nervous as she was, stood her ground and faced the little group with expectancy in her heart.

" there, my name's Yukiko, but um, you can call me Yuki," she spoke hesitantly in her soft, clear voice. "Um..I'm new here and I come from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region..and are..?" she trailed off suggestively.
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