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Game Info : Pokemon Yellow

My Character Name : Ash

Rival : Gary

Starter : Pikachu

Game Progress : Defeated Gary Earned The Town Map/Earned The Pokedex/Delivered the Parcel That Oak wanted/Defeated Brock And Earned The Badge Went To MT.Moon/Earned Moon stone

Pokemon caught : Caterpie / Zubat / Geodude / Pidgey / Nidoran male / Clefairy / Paras

Pokemon Progress : Pikachu Level up to 7
Nidoran Evolved to Nidorino And Became NidoKing Using Moon Stone NidoKing is Level 21

Pokemon Owns : Pikachu / Caterpie / Zubat / Geodude / Pidgey / Nidoran Male --> Nidorino --> NidoKing / Clefairy / Paras

Other Info : Defeated Team Rocket at MT.MOON / Defeated Jissy and James >.> after tehy messed up all my team and made them all die but pikachu survived and made all their pokemons faint [the reason my team all got messed up is ekans .. he kept spamming warp and it prevented me from attacking lol]

Things Annoyed me in game : ZUBAT EVERY WHERE >.< And it keeps spamming Confuse ray

Pokedex Info : Seen But not Caught: Metapod / Weedle / Rattata / Spearow / Ekans / Sandshrew / Nidoran FEMALE / JigglyPuff / Oddish / Diglett / Mankey / BellsProut / Grimer / Onix / Voltorb / Koffing / EEVEE

Seen And Caught : Caterpie / Pidgey / Pikachu / Nidoran Male / Nidorino / Nidoking / Clefairy / Zubat / Paras / Geodude /


Other MOAR info : Arrived to Cerulean City and Misty Defeated me with her 1st pokemon @_@ [its that Staru thingy >..>] and i will continue to play the game and tell you what happend (:

Edit : DEFEATED MISTY [Finally]

Great news lol o-o i played 10 hours and 25 minutes and i finished pokemon yellow (: and yes i caught ALOT lot lot LOT of pokemons o-o XD i am happy cuz this is the first game i every finish by my self
The Shines I Caught

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