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"Well... I've got a Linoone and a Mienfoo at home... I do want to send them over, but ive got no idea if I'm even allowed.." Alex said, smiling at Shawn, he really does seem to miss his other two pokemon.

"Anyway i wonder how Ki- Wah!?" Was all he managed to say before himself and Shawn were tackled to the ground by the girl in question. Blushing slightly again as he looked over his shoulder.

"O-oh hi.. U-uhm, Yeah we waited...And where are we going again?" He asked, more like mumbled at an hearable level.

( Is Yukino talking to our group? )
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Pokemon trainer academy pokemon team:

Rhyha (Male Rhyhorn) Level 20: Rock blast, Take down, Mega horn, Icy wind, Drill run, Protect
Ability: Rock head.

Lin (Female Linoone) Level 20: Super Fang, Iron Tail, Ice Beam, Fury swipes, Rest, Shadow Claw
Ability: Quick Feet

Miean (Male Mienfoo) Level 25: Fake Out, Swift, Detect, Drain Punch, Acrobatics, U-Turn.
Ability: Re-generator
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