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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Other than that, they could at least try to give the Grass types a dual typing for once. The only Grass type starter I can recall being a dual-typed one was Bulbasaur. From there on out they've just been plain and boring
Torterra is Grass/Ground. You can argue that none of the starters when you first receive them are dual-type but with that in effect the only starter that had been a dual-type when you first receive it is Bulbasaur. Everyone else gain their second typing upon evolution.

That said, I'll simply agree with typings. At least with Fire/Fighting. If sixth generation has a fire/fighting Starter I'm going to cry. Or rather, fighting in general. It would be nice to see a typing that hasn't been on a starter before on a starter. Grass/Fire/Water is fine by me; just the dual typing need to be more original every now and then.
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