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Dante Farefyre, Floor 5, Level 17

Sona was still clinging to Dante's arm as they walked into town, the sun slowly beginning to set.
“Shall we get to business then?” Sona asked Dante leaning into his arm and tightening her grip a little bit.
Smiling Dante replied to Sona, softly touching her right hand. “Yes beautiful, lets grab a seat and we'll discuss it.” They found a free bench in the middle of the towns square and began conversing on their business.

“So you want me to find you the best places to sell all of the stuff you got today and you want me to find you the best blacksmith?” Sona said looking deeply into Dante's heterochromatic eyes.
“Yes my lady, you are the best informant in the game aren't you?” A cheeky smile started to show on Dante's face.
Standing up Sona grabbed Dante's hand and wrapped her fingers between his. Smiling, she pulled him up. “Of course I am Dante, shall we go so I can get my payment quicker.” She winked as she said “payment”. Dante softly chuckled at this.
“Don't worry beautiful, I want to get this done as quick as possible so we can get to the payment as well. It'll be the same as always?”
“Yes it will, you'll be mine from when we are done to the next morning.”
“And my usual 10% of all my profits tip for you.” Dante said this as he looked deeply into Sona's dark blue eyes, which had white streaks like lightning bolts flickering through them.
“You really don't need to do that Dante.” Sona said as she blushed, though her stare didn’t wain.
“But I want to truly reimburse you for your work, and spending time with me isn't fair enough at all.” Breaking their eye contact, Sona now turned and began walking towards a merchant.

The door closed with a clank as the couple walked out of the blacksmith in which had provided Dante with his new sword, a very well made high end sword for Dante's level. The two both looked very happy as they turned to each other a few steps from the door.
“Here's the first part of your payment beautiful.” After sending over the 6.3k payment, Sona began clinging to his arm again.
“And now for the rest.” Sona replied with a large smile on her face. She lightly smacked his behind as they started walking back towards the centre of town.

The couple continued chatting together like a normal couple, with some flirting added in every now and then as they made their way to a restaurant that she had recommended. During dinner the flirting escalated slightly, creating a slightly more romantic atmosphere between the two.
“It's fairly late now, shall we go back to a nice room now Dante?” Sona asked after finishing her dessert. Agreeing Dante paid the cheque for their dinner and the pair left.
“Lead the way my love.” Dante said chivalrously as he held open the door to the restaurant, allowing Sona to walk out first. Wrapping her hand is his, she directed Dante to a nice inn.
“This will be fine handsome.” She suggestively said as she moved in closer to his body.

After getting the best room available, Dante and Sona retired to it to continue their night together. Slowly getting out of bed in the morning, careful not the wake Sona, Dante dressed himself before hearing a loud voice outside. This could be it. Slowly opening the curtain not to let to much light in Dante looked to the sky to see the message he had been waiting for. “Floor 5's Dungeon Boss has been located!” Yes, this is it! Excitement flooded into Dante's body as he quietly closed the curtain again. He walked towards a slumbering Sona after leaving a message cube on the bed side counter and leaned in closely to her face. “I've got to go now gorgeous.” He said sweetly, kissing her on the forehead after he had finished the sentence. After quietly leaving the room with the sleeping Sona inside he activated his teleport crystal, appearing in front of the dungeon where everyone had began gathering.
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