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I just want to throw my two cents out there:
If we ever get RSE remakes, I always dreamed that the first time through, Wallace was the 8th Gym Leader, and Steven was the champion. Once you beat the game, Steven would run off to his location in Emerald, Wallace would take his place as Champion for each subsequent time you challenged the Elite Four, and Juan could be challenged once (or more, depending on how the game handled Gym Leader rematches) as the new "8th Gym Leader." RS remade with Emerald elements. I also always wanted the "something [that] came up" which made Steven step down as Champion to be explained.

Also, am I the only person who wants to see these remakes not only for a revamped Hoenn but for improved music? The Hoenn Gym Leader music is included in the PWT but it (and all the other Gym Leader music) is obviously redone in a way to better match the sound of the rest of the B2W2 soundtrack, not necessarily its original (and it's nowhere near close to the entire RS soundtrack, let's leave it at that).

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I hated the anime version of the BF...
Does anyone think they might throw in Kanto into the remakes just for the sake of having it.
There's always a possibility. This would also be a good way to put a stop to the "if they remake RS they have to remake FRLG" statements. Granted, since Kanto is connected to Johto, it would feel odd to add one and not the other, so in the end it may or may not work out.