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Originally Posted by slayerz96 View Post
One part I find very amusing is that RS had a "secret" soundtrack of Saffron City. It turned out that the next game was really Kanto related.

Now BW2 had a "secret" hoenn trainer battle theme.

Perhaps a clue? Or just coincidence? Who knows...

EDIT: still getting used to the controls :/
Ooh, that's something! I wouldn't dismiss this as coincidence; unused game files are nice ways of getting some hint of what the developers are thinking.

I tried finding the music you mentioned, and I came across some info on Bulbapedia that all Key Items from Gen 3 onward have their sprites in B2W2. I don't see why they would do that if they weren't preparing for something (because it isn't like the "???" Arceus that had to be implemented in gen 4 to prevent game crashes).