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Quote originally posted by Beike:
Sadly, it's not that simple. I double-checked it by exporting it again using that option, and on top of that, the textures show up in MKDS Converter, so I am sure they are there. It's not the game either, since I tried DPP maps as well, and they won't open with textures either :(

Edit: It doesn't seem to be Sketchup? Textures won't open in Blender either...

Edit2: Not my computer's fault, doesn't work on other computers either. I've tried about everything I could think of, so I'm pretty much stuck... I'm still getting the models all white (and squarey) and the ground all grey. Anyone willing to upload a correctly textured HGSS map (or DPP if you want to) to see if I can open that?

Would anyone be able to help me?
Are you sure you're exporting your map with textures?
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