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Randbats Tournament

Sign ups are closed because the tournament is now underway.

— Rules

• BC's General Battle Rules (which includes the standard clauses)
• Single-elimination tournament
PC Battle Server only
• Random Battle format only
• 6v6 Singles
• Best of Three (Participants battle each other three times. The one who wins the most out of those battles moves onto the next round.)

— Participants

1. Forever
2. RandomTrainerWhoCould
3. Musica
4. littlebrother
5. Zupplu
6. Zet
7. Abnegation
8. Ninjagon
9. Urugamosu
10. synerjee
11. Manipulation
12. Fireworks
13. shnen2
14. GolurkIsDaBomb
15. dragonomega
16. Juiceball
17. Zeffy
18. rpryor03

— Rounds

Round One
synerjee vs Zeffy
rpryor03 vs dragonomega
Ninjagon vs shnen2
Zet vs Zupplu
Manipulation vs Fireworks
Forever vs Abnegation
Urugamosu vs RandomTrainerWhoCould
GolurkIsDaBomb vs littlebrother
Musica vs Juiceball

Round Two
RandomTrainerWhoCould vs Juiceball
shnen2 vs Zupplu
Manipulation vs littlebrother
synerjee vs dragonomega
Forever vs the winner of the "synerjee vs dragonomega" match-up

RandomTrainerWhoCould vs Zupplu
Forever vs littlebrother

Forever vs RandomTrainerWhoCould