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Shawn walked slowly up to Yukiko, nodding his head in greeting. The Emolga simply smiled, waving a paw.

"Hi there. Were you talking to us, miss? I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name. I'm Shawn." He gestured behind him to his friends. "These are my friends, Alex and Kiki."

Yukiko, delighted that they had noticed her, stepped forward slightly.

"Um, yes, I was. name's Yukiko, but you can call me Yuki, if..if you want." She smiled sincerely. "I..I'm new here." Her voice was slightly shaky as she had never really spoken openly to anyone else besides her few friends in Snowpoint City.

Yuki then noticed one of the other people - a girl - hug the other guy in the group and push him towards where she was standing, all the while speaking enthusiastically. She noticed that she seemed to be the touchy-feely type; the way she hugged her friend and her Vulpix plushie said it all. She wasn't prepared for the enormous bear-hug aimed at her though, leaving her startled quite a bit.

"Was that girl - Kiki, was it - talking about going to the beach? That kinda sounds like fun, I've never been to a beach before. I might want to tag along and to make friends with these people, they seem nice enough," Yuki thought. "I'm not very sure about Kiki with her hugging and all, though.. I think I just need time to get used to her, that's all. Nothing to worry about!" she added brightly to herself, touching her snowflake pendant at her neck for encouragement.

"Um..sure, I would love to follow along..if you don't mind..that is," Yuki answered. She looked towards the direction Kiki was pointing, and then at the beach right behind them. She timidly touched Kiki's shoulder. "Uh, excuse me Kiki, but..isn't the closest beach just behind us..?"
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