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Quote originally posted by tajaros:
For more info in debugging so we can learn more things.

Actually Hackmew already explains this in his thread it only lacks pictures. :D And why use Pokemon Rose? You could just use a clean FireRed Rom it's all the same. :D
Oh, I used Rose because I wanted to be able to run in it, and while I was at that, why not a tutorial?

Quote originally posted by Darthatron:
So you can actually learn how to hack rather than how to copy and paste.

All you've done is add pictures to HackMew's work and didn't credit him at all. I have no idea why this thread was even approved, to be honest.

It's nice that you were trying to help, but perhaps you should spend more time learning before you try and teach.
I know how to explain it, but the main point is how to do it, not what makes it happen. I didn't know HackMew had
another thread about this. I learnt it from a person on youtube (DoubleDare96) and I credited him. He probably learnt it from HackMew too, so I'll give credits.

Quote originally posted by Manipulation:
The thread I linked to is the easy way. He's the person who discovered and gave us the knowledge to do this and you haven't even credited him either. Bela didn't create this hack, HackMew did.
1) I didn't even know that tutorial existed. As you can see, it was done in 2010. Is there a rule where there cannot be two posts of how to do the same things? Clearly no.

2) This thread was made to teach people, not to be compared to other threads, I understand that you were showing people how to do it better at first, but ultimately, it just led to you comparing both threads.

3) You don't even know what I'm talking about. I used Pokemon Rose (which is a hack by Bela) to do this demonstration. Of course he created the hack. HackMew discovered the code, which I do not think is counted as creating a hack. I learnt this from a person called DoubleDare96, so I am giving him credits. But since it was discovered by HackMew, and I didn't know it at first, I will edit it so that it credits HackMew too.
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