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Kiki blinked and turned to the way Yuki had pointed, then she grinned at Alex, Shawn, and Yuki. The beach there? Awesome! That would be perfect! She grabbed Yuki and smiled, almost bouncing a bit.

"I love the beach! Let's go!" she said happily, tossing her pokeball and revealing Birdy. The Starly chirped happily and circled obvverhead, a taunting gaze at Zapper. Kiki was oblivious as she turned, seeing a boy sprinting toward them. She ran and grabbed the new boy and spun in a circle around him, effectively stopping the crash that had been about to happen, eager to make a new friend.

"Hiya! I'm Kiki, who are you? Wanna come to the beach with us? These are my friends, Alex, Shawn, and Yuki!" she said happily, almost too quickly to be understood.
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