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Originally Posted by DarkReaper View Post
EDIT: Also dont forget to edit the mini-sprites that are found when shifting pokemon, or else theyll be the originals and mismatched.
Thanks for the reminder Hadnt thought of that

Originally Posted by Astonish View Post
Please don't be a narcissist. The fakemons are hardly of good quality.

I admit, I can't sprite for ****. But please, if you're going to make a hack and you know that fakemon are taboo, please don't call it 'high quality'.
First of all, its 64x64 generation we are editing so the quality cant be black&white standard. The roclops line is just a concept for us to use and we haven't done the proper sprites yet for them. Also if heroes updates the pokedex section you will notice improvements as our experience increases. As you said you "can't sprite for ****" so unless you want to do some your self if you don't have something supportive to say don't say it. We wouldn't mind some constructive criticism from people as we progress

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