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Andy was still watching the pidgey disappear into the horizon when Kiki grabbed his arm, stopping him dead in his tracks as she spun around him.
Unable to fully comprehend what Kiki was saying, Andy took a moment to listen to her properly, only to feel a twinge of pain at the back of his head.
He was used to that feeling, so he didn't flinch... But none the less, he decided to just answer what he'd thought Kiki had said, along with Alex who had spoken with her.
"My name's Andrew! But don't call me that, I prefer Andy!" he informed, grinning widely at the energetic girl. "The beach...? Sure! I love the water!"
Andy was certainly happy to have met other students. If he hadn't, who knows who he'd have had to go looking for?
He threw one clenched fist up to the sky, only to bring it down again in a thumbs up, looking from Kiki to Alex and then to Shawn and Yukiko.
"It's really good to meet you all!"

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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