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Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)
Raikou Dorm --> Academy Grounds
Wyatt casually strolled out his dorms, and he half-heartily did so. He hadn't gotten to know anyone at all at the school except for the one trainer who defeated him on the beach. He frowned and melancholy overcame him for a moment but he shrugged it off and attempted to turn this feeling into determination although a small amount of bitterness of loss stuck with him for a bit.
As he exit the dorm
s the sunlight hurt his eyes although it rejuvenated him and overwhelmed his senses. "Maybe this island isn't as bad as I thought" he muttered to himself. He stumbled across the grounds with a trace of a grin on his face and he sat down on a bench on the grounds, lugging his back. He sat down and got comfortable and pulled out an apple and casually chewed on it while his mind drifted away


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