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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post

I see, I'm glad you survived the ordeal.

Actually I haven't survived. I still await for a response by email and have no direct avenue of support through the ban bin (a forum only accessible when you are temp banned. A thread is created for you when you are temp banned and you can talk with mods there) and I doubt anyone is ever going to respond to my emails.

That leaves the only option to be to contact my friends there and hope they can convince the mods to ****ing unban me. They didn't even give me an infraction for the right thing. Saying "no i didnt hagot" to a friend after using perfect English in the last post should be indicative enough that I'm joking in the first place, but how is it "disruptive behavior"? Like, really?

There are at least 3 issues I have with this ban. ****ING THREE.