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*runs in from school* HI!

I figured that was the situation. I have suggestions for you all!

Harbingers, this intro post is a good way to talk about your departure from home and your dreams that led you to this decision. You don't have to be specific about these events, even mentioning the fact that you have them is enough. Just start your journey off! Maybe you have an early encounter with an organization. If not, you have plenty of time.

For the RDM and the Knights, you have a similar idea of where to go. You could possibly talk about a normal day of your goings on. Or perhaps you could receive new orders from your "higher ups". Or even you could catch a glimpse of a human, a human where something is just "not right" with them. Even further, you could have a mission and gather some troops, maybe to hunt an influential human. Whatever you choose to do, make it flashy if you desire!
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