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Originally Posted by EnglishMilkshake View Post
Pokémon Pear Blue Version

This game is being made with RPG Maker XP using Pokemon Essentials v10.

Good evening. Professor Oak and family are moving to a new never before seen region to do more research on Pokemon. Their new hometown, Grasplum Town, happens to be your hometown. You are about to recieve your first Pokémon, which will be either Treecko, Tepig, and Squirtle, and take on the Gym Leaders and become a Pokémon Master. The question is... can you catch 'em all?

Who are those thugs that roam around the region? And what are they there to do?

This game has a regional dex of Pokemon from the official regions. No fakemon included. You can even catch all 649 Pokémon in this fan game, but some aren't available until you get the National Dex.

Wanna see some screenshots? No Problem!


Regional Pokedex

001. Treecko
002. Grovyle
003. Sceptile
004. Tepig
005. Pignite
006. Emboar
007. Squirtle
008. Wartortle
009. Blastoise
010. Rattata
011. Raticate
012. Glameow
013. Purugly
014. Pidove
015. Tranquill
016. Unfezant
017. Poochyena
018. Mightyena
019. Wurmple
020. Silcoon
021. Beautifly
022. Cascoon
023. Dustox
024. Magikarp
025. Gyarados
026. Feebas
027. Milotic
028. Pichu
029. Pikachu
030. Raichu
031. Munna
032. Musharna
033. Kricketot
034. Kricketune
035. Slakoth
036. Vigoroth
037. Slaking
038. Scraggy
039. Scrafty
040. Azurill
041. Marill
042. Azumarill
043. Grimer
044. Muk
045. Joltik
046. Galvantula

Poccil,Maruno - Pokémon Essentials
P-Sign,Clowcardruler,Maruno,Venom12,FL - Unova Pack for Essentials
OrangeNess - Some Assistance...
GAMEFREAK - Pokemon (C)

Download Beta 0.06 here
B0.06 is not much different from B0.05 other than bug fixes and storyline placeholders. I'm not sure what to call the new Pokémon thug team (if possible, Team ???)

I'll work on Beta 0.07 once I get some ideas or some extra work.

Good luck, and hope you enjoy the game!
May I give just a few pointers?
- In my game there are 160 obtainable pokemon which is a fairly small amount, but you currently have 46, which is ridiculously small. More variety is needed.
- I'm sure many would agree that the tiles are a bit... boring. Mainly because they're old and people like to see newer HGSS/BW stuff, this also includes charsets.
- You may also want to upgrade trainer sprites as well.
- It's always good to have an original Hero/ine, rival and in some cases a new professor.

Above all these are just some criticisms, being in the beginners showcase means this is a relatively new game and there is a vast amount of planning being done. You don't have to take these to heart.

Good luck.
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