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Is it the kind like Black Black 2 where it just adds all the Pokemon to the game or does it change the game too much? If it's the former it's fine. But if it changes up the game too much, then please use the regular game.

Here's an update. Just beat the Rocket Hideout and Pryce.

Player: Alli
Game: SoulSilver
Gender: Female
Badges: 7

Megan / Meganium (f) lv. 35 @ Miracle Seed
Petal Dance, Body Slam, PoisonPowder, Magical Leaf

Klare / Ninetales (f) lv. 35
Flamethrower, Wil-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Headbutt

Anice / Jolteon (f) lv. 36
Thundershock, Double Kick, Headbutt, Shadow Ball

Berta / Miltank (f) lv. 35
Zen Headbutt, Body Slam, Surf, Rollout

Layla / Lapras (f) lv. 35
Ice Beam, Surf, Ice Shard, Body Slam
shiny hunting:

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