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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
Can you elaborate on that? As said in this thread already, if you want to be successful in regular school, you have to think and work for yourself because you're not given everything by one single person or several people who cater for you. No-one can teach someone how to think for themselves but regular schooling certainly promotes independence.
I learned more from the 2 years I've spent outside of school than the 10+ years I spent in class. From my experience, schools don't teach you to learn new things as much as they teach you to repeat old things. And if you don't do as you're told, you're punished somehow. I found middle and high school to be very difficult learning environments. For one thing, I was put in Anger Management, isolated from the rest of the school for a year, and I was suspended from school regularly, almost expelled at one point. I had problems which prevented me from learning the things they tried to teach me, but instead of trying to fix the problems, they tried to fix me as if I was the problem. They don't focus on the root cause of problems; they only try to treat the symptoms while the root cause of school-related problems goes unnoticed or even ignored as I've had the pleasure of experiencing in middle school. During 6th and 7th grade, I was bullied, teased, attacked, even kicked in the nads once by a girl much bigger than me, wearing high-heels and publicly humiliated at age 12. My special-ed teachers took advantage of my behavior problems because they had a grudge against my mom. I was slapped in the face by one of them for arguing with her and suspended by another for not doing my homework. The principal was oblivious to the fact that I was running around the school, chasing people to beat the stuffing out of them during emotional breakdowns I had at least once a week while I was locked outside my classroom, all the kids making faces at me. I was put on med after med after med, and it only caused me to gain food allergies and more than 100 lb in weight; I'm just now starting to burn it all off.

Maybe this is why kids don't like public school very much. You really think that regular schooling promotes independence? I felt enslaved. 2 years after graduation, I'm still dependent on my parents. But at least I can think for myself now, many thanks to the videos I've been watching on youtube that teach you how to think for yourself. I was never taught how to be independent in the schools I attended.

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