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Originally Posted by Zet View Post
I checked the wikia, and the snail is listed as one of the characters.

She won't because monkey paw effect

Spoiler tagged that because... spoilers.

And spoilers related to the season 4 finale(The Lich)
In the storyboard that was posted, Finn, Jake, and "Billy" are talking during their break, and "Billy" mentions Finn's dad being a Champion of Ooo, but was unlawfully put in the crystal prism world where he now fights all the evil locked in there. There's a little doodle of Finn's dad being pushed into the portal by 'Billy's hands?'. Billy could have just stolen all of Finn's dad's achievements.

You can check out the storyboard here:
Oh my Glob. Billy. How could he? D:
Thanks for the info, Zet, now, would you like to join the club? Haha. Just a question, because I haven't seen your registration form yet. Just askin' (:

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