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second update

-Traded kabuto's egg, and hatched it
-Got the old rod
-Caught goldeen in the union cave
-Arrived at Azalea Town
-Defeated Team Rocket
-Defeated Bugsy and got the badge
-Crushed the rival
-Got to ilex forest and got HM 01
-Caught ramdom paras(not part of my team) and taught him Cut
-Got to Goldenrod city, and got the radio card
-Went to the gym, and defeated whitney
-Got pass Sudowoodo, and arrived at Ecruteak city
-Went to the burned tower, and defeated my rival
-Gastly evolved, then traded him to evolve him again
-Trained before the Gym
-Defeated Morty

My current Team:

Slugma Level 29
Gengar Level 30
Kabuto Level 30
Goldeen Level 28