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Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
Okay, I'm really wondering, Freaky. Please tell us how Barack Obama is an unelected President. Like him or not, he was fairly elected by the majority of voters - he won both the popular vote and the electoral vote by a fair margin in both elections, despite Republicans doing their damnedest to make voting difficult. How do you figure that he wasn't elected? I voted last week and didn't see any people having guns held to their heads being told to vote for Obama.
Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Everything in that post was factual. Then again, you're known for ignoring facts, so.

And regardless, the states can't secede from the union anyways. That was a specific mandate written into the constitution of every single Confederate State during Reconstruction, upon re-admission to the Union. So no only are they racists, they're completely ignorant of the laws of their own states. Not a good combination - then again, these are the same people who named a political movement after a sex act.
I'll continue to call him unelected until the issues of voting machines converting Romney votes into Obama votes, why workers for an Obama-supporting union were the ones who were hired to service the shady voting machines, how counties in key swing states that Obama carried had more votes cast than there are registered voters, etc. are addressed.

You can call my accusations outrageous if you'd like. They're no more outrageous than Live's unfounded accusations of racism, though.
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