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Fester and Rose
The room was chaotic, as soon as players had noticed that Fester and Rose were distracting the monster, they caught on to the weak point. "Rose, we need to start attacking."

"What happened to distracting and helping?" Ross eased confused.

"Look, that beast is under no circumstance distracted by us now. What we need to do is whither it's health down with these computers." He wielded his sword, "When he swings I'll jump on his arm and onto his shoulder, then we will substitute and you get him with your sword." Rose nodded, but no sooner did her head move than did Fester activate his speed skill. Rose prepared her sword. God help me.

The monster lifted his arm to swing at another player, the monster was beginning to enrage. Fester timed his jump and was able to jump off the monster's forearm. He substituted Rose in. "Take this you big ape." One two three, four rapid swings at the monster's head.

"Rose jump down! Take cover!" Rose looked down at Fester and jumped off the monster landing behind him. A small amount of fall damage prompted her to take a potion. "Good show doll, though you hardly did a thing," Rose sighed, more insulting compliments, "Furthermore your sword is terrible and you do no sword skills." He stopped for a moment to check his inventory.

"Fester this isn't the time to be checking your stats..."

"I'm looking for a sword, let's see, here we are! I found this off a random mob,was going to sell it but..." He opened trade with Rose and they traded weapons, "I suppose I can sell other stuff. Now let's repeat my strategy, all of these chaps will certainly distract from us."

"What if it doesn't?"

"Well lets hope it does."
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