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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
A week after the 2012 election. Which Obama and the Democrats won handily. So yes, they are.

And people, for the millionth time, the states can't secede anyways on account of their Constitutions and the terms upon which they were re admitted to the Union during Reconstruction. This means that no matter how many signatures it gets, it's null and void - has been since 1870.
It's still funny that these people are wasting their own time, reporters' time, the governments' time, and most importantly space that could go to more deserving souls.

Here is a question, why do you think the other political side is idiotic, corrupt, irrelevant, or tyrannical (I still have all of my freedoms from before, as a matter of fact this is probably the best state this world has been in ever. As in the history of human life. As in before this, uh century? Or 50 years, you decide.)
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