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Daniel Williamson / Level 10
Floor 4: Dysthaven

After Fester left, something...unexpected happened. The two others who were with Daniel started to shine, and then, from them came lights that levitated in the air. It was rather similar to what previously happened to Daniel, only instead of the Golem Ore levitating, it was light. The symbol on the wall reacted, lighting up in a similar fashion as before. However, this time something different happened. The symbol continued to shine, even after Ranzatsu and Jet's lights began to fade. Daniel's breath became faster, and his pupils dilated as the symbol, as well as the door, started to crack. Daniel's normal reaction would have been to grab the two and get outta there, but he was paralyzed. It was not magic that held him, nor was it fear; it was excitement. While his face showed incredible fear, he was excited beyond belief; he could not wait to find out what was behind the door.

The door began to crumble and Daniel was conflicted. Should he relish in his curiosity or save the others? It may sound like there was a clear cut answer, but this was the type of phenomenon that Daniel had always hoped for. Regardless, it was too late. The door had completely crumbled and there was nothing standing between the group and the mystery that laid ahead. Daniel held his breathe, the excitement and fear was mounting, yet all he did was stare into the dust cloud that floated up from the door's remains. However, what came from the door first was not a person nor was it a monster; it was a sound. Someone was clapping inside, the type of slow clap that one would hear in movies.

"You all did well to get here, congratulations," said a deep-voiced male from within the room. "There lay one more trial ahead of you." Once the smoke cleared, there could be seen a man sitting on a wooden stool in a large blue room colored with lustrous crystals. Next to the man was a somewhat large ellipse, probably an egg. "You all came this far, so you deserve a reward, correct? You did defeat the guardian after all, it must not have been an easy feat at your strength."

Daniel was still reluctant to enter the room, however pleasant the man may have been. It was likely a trap, and yet, it felt more like there was no reason for him to worry. He was oddly calm, but paradoxically cautious. At this, the man simply laughed. "Fine then, if you all won't come in then I'll have to take you by force." The man snapped his fingers and the entrance to the room expanded and closed behind the three, assuring that they had no way out. "Now that you're here, I have something important to tell you." The man stood up from the stool he was sitting on and knocked it to the ground, reducing its durability to zero. "I'm dying. I'm dying and I need someone to take care of my daughter, Tara." Daniel lowered his guard and untightened his expression at hearing this, ready to listen to what the man had to say.

"If she's anything like her mother, she'll be feisty, but she'll be dependent and shy. Years back, I took refuge in a cave, this very cave, to study genetics in solitude. Not long after I met the love of my life, and we conceived thereafter. Unfortunately, something...something went wrong." The man paused for a moment, and then he coughed rather violently. "Wyrm blood. Specifically that of El Diablo, the strongest of the Demenio Dragon Species. I studied it, and I tried to see if a human could gain various properties of a wyrm. It would be amazing if we could harbor the ability to contain various elements, gain immense strength, or even fly!" His once vibrant, animated demeanor quickly filled with melancholy. "I tried it on myself. My wife, Petra, decided that she would not allow me to take on such a dangerous operation alone, so I tested it on her as well..." He looked away, his eyes starting to water. "It was unbelievable...we were able to run faster, think more one point, we were even able to grow and retract wings on a whim." He then looked to the egg. "When Petra laid this egg, it could fit in my palm. We were, of course, surprised that an egg was laid by a human." He made an even longer pause for a moment, biting his lip and closing his eyes. "Then, one morning, I tried to wake Petra...only to find that the genes tore her apart. I felt like my life was over, like half of me had been killed...if I had only noticed sooner..." Streams of blood started to pour from the man's lip. Tears started to roll down from his eyes uncontrollably. He put his hand over his eyes to hide his tears, though he could not hide his hiccups and sniffles. It was truly a pathetic sight for such an elaborate man, and even he knew this. "I remained here, knowing that the same fate would befall me, so I conjured a Golem Del Diablo to find someone...anyone strong enough and compassionate enough to care for my daughter. I don't want her to grow up not having known the love of a mother or a father..." Again, he paused, more as if to think than as if to cry. "That is why I am entrusting my sweet Tara to the three Sons of Seraph, the Golem Slayers. You three will take care of my daughter in my absence, and in doing such a favor you will gain glorious treasure as well as my eternal gratitude." His face then gained a stark and terrifying expression, gazing upon the three with anxiety, grief, and anger. "But...there is one final test."

The man started to shake uncontrollably. He put his hand on his biceps on each side, gripping them as hard as he possibly could. Something seemed to be...protruding from his back. Whatever it was started growing and growing until his clothes could no longer stand it and burst. A large pair of wyrm wings were now connected to him. Then, in a similar fashion, his legs started to grow, taking him from being 5'11 to about 8'0. They became large, brown, and scaled, with large black fangs on the feet. His arms and torso did the same. His hair seemed to be flowing bacl into his skull and his face became larger. His teeth grew to a terrifying size and sharpness, and he grew two large horns on his head. Once the transformation was done, he was no longer human; he was a Demenio. Daniel was filled the sadness from the tale he just heard, even if it was just an NPC. At the same time, he was filled with anger, incredible anger, the events from his first encounter with a wyrm flashing through his mind, and he gripped his sword harder and harder. He looked to Ranzatsu, and he looked to Jet, and then he looked to the unborn Tara. As cliche as it sounded to him, he needed to protect them all, and he needed to end the man's suffering.

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