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Catches grunted unhappily at Andy's breaking away. The Tyrogue would have done the same himself though, and so just let Andy's friends take care of him. Of course, he remained close to Andy in order to make sure nothing happened to him, but didn't interfere any.

"Y-your dorm Shawn...? Sure..." Andy replied quietly, his voice almost a whisper as he failed at trying to stand once again "M-my dorm is th-the Entei one... R-red...and brown..." Andy's head was pounding so badly now that he couldn't make another sentence. Clenching his eyes shut, he tried to think of nothing. But instead, he kept seeing flashes of a mustard-yellow blob in his mind. No... Not a blob... A thing... A pokémon...? It was holding something... Something silver... And there was somebody behind it! Someone wearing black and red! The pounding became worse and worse. Andy didn't know how what was happening to him. Was the pain somehow inducing a waking dream...? Andy would have thought about it more, but drained of his energy, he passed out.

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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