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Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,HG,SS
I really liked that feature,it should definitely return.

Berry Trees Back
Those came in handy so it would be a good return.

New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
I think that might be taking it too far.But I would like to see a Triple Tag Battle system.

Multiple Regions
Maybe not a region but more of a sub-region for side-quests and stuff.

Battle Frontier return
They could probably think of a something new but similer.

New Starter types
No,Fire-Water-Grass is perfect but they could have different dual-types than before.

Dark type Gym Leader
It is seriously overdue.I'd like to see that.

Tournament instead of elite four
It would be an actual challenge to be the champ so its a great idea.

Return of team rocket
Meh.Maybe them fighting against another team to take control of the region.

New eeveelutions
It would be cool to see but i don't think it could happen.

New storyline(Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys)
They really pulled it off with B/W and B2/W2 so it'd be cool to see it again.

But overall i'd really like to see a more darker story plot.I'd also really like to see the return of the touchscreen Menu and auto-run like in HG/SS.