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Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
but I can also make maps for you in Nintendo style as well.

Now that I've posted here I've no choice but to apply.

IM Address: Skype is MarcAnders0n please if you are pedo and see this post no add.
Name: Crimson5M, Crimson or Marc.
Position: Doggy style. Wait wrong type of position lol, spriter, tile inserter, mapper.
Proof of Work:
I have some crap uploaded on my DeviantART.
Things I have made while sitting in my room staring at my laptop screen to compensate for my lack of social life and small penis:

Pokémon Ceil
Pokémon Amethyst
the melanchloy ofprofesr oek and his purpel unicron (won HotY
Pokémon Iron and Stone

Proof that I support Harold's work.

Need any more proof let me know since only a quarter of my stuff was uploaded to my new DA.

Because it should've won HotY.
Frodo Baggins