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Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
Want to add Growlithe/Arcanine to my team. Have an idea of which way i want to play him. Would like thoughts.


atk 252, sp atk, 252. spd 4

heat wave

This is how i am thinking of setting it up
Unless you have a Pokemon setting up sunshine (or that even, but it's in-game so you wouldn't want to) it's generally better playing physically than not due to not being able to use things like Solarbeam to help it hit water/ground/rock types, so honestly I'd go like... Flamethrower (since there isn't that much difference in the stats and you save on recoil)/Wild Charge/Extremespeed/Close Combat, or ditch Wild Charge and go for Agility, however generally you wouldn't really want to be setting up in-game, and Outrage isn't really necessary as it doesn't give you much extra coverage.
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