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Quote originally posted by Rococo:
xD hey Laugh,nice club! :D

Name: Rococo
Favorite Character: This're an evil person! D:
Why do you want to become an Adventurer?:
"Dream like you'll live forever,live like you die tomorrow."

I didn't read the rules,so i'm going to say this:
"Adventure without risk becomes disney land...adventure needs risk."
Instead of:
"I'm an adventurer for life!" :3

*reads spoiler* Oh my god you guys,Drama bomb!
Welcome to the club, Rococo! I'm glad you joined! We have so many members now, I can't wait to start the events!

Quote originally posted by Zet:
I recall joining one of the previous AT club. But I can do it again if you want me to do the registration form.
Oh. Well then, you don't need to register. Welcome to the club, Zet!

New topic, guys! What's your theory on why Finn's the only human in Ooo?

This will be fun. I want to see all of your answers. This topic was inspired by the current topic in a club I'm also in, namely the Pokemon Dungeon Masters Club. So, what's your answers?

As for me, I'm speechless about this.
“Not everybody is beautiful. I’m tired of hearing that. But everybody has the ability to be. You are as beautiful as the things you do, the words you say, and the intentions of your heart. You are as beautiful as you let yourself become.”

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