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Hi jesal, welcome to the big,friendly community called PC :D! We're an awesome bunch of crazy fans here, so I think you'll enjoy it, we've got a few old and new fans here and there :3. But yeah getting to fifteen posts isn't that hard at all, in fact its easy. Just browse around the forums look for a few, good topics about either Pokemon or polls, trivia, commenting about fanfictions or artworks, whatever xD. There's so much to do here, it's impossible to have nothing to do.

But beware, PC doesn't tolerate spammers so I would advise you shouldn't spam unless you want a ban heading your way, just remember that alright and you'll be perfectly fine :D. So you're an artsy sort huh? I'd love to see your work sometime, sounds amazing :3. What do you draw, or do if I can ask :D?

If you don't mind me being a bit curious, what are some of your other interests? Like do you have a taste in trivia, fanclubs, writing and tonnes more. So knowing more about you as a person would be great, but then again the choice is all yours :3. Just a suggestion though n_n. I'm Rainbow by the way, I'd be happy to talk to you about anything (except not much about hacks D:) and it'd be great to know you!

See you around Jesal :3!
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