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Well, SOMEone has to kick this off again...

I am currently on a mission to complete the Unova Pokédex. The problem: other than a few select Pokémon I've overlooked (Relic Castle being a prime example, and some fishing in the P2 Lab area west of Nuvema Town; I already went back to the Dreamyard when I found a missing Kanto entry there), everything that remains to be found is not in Unova, or in rare cases (see Growlithe) is found in the second version of Unova. Thus, I recently took on SoulSilver and finished Johto, but have to also eventually handle Kanto and get the three legendaries there (not to mention decide if I want to cheat in the Enigma Stone to make Latias catchable "legitimately"; I caught Latios today for import soon into Unova).

My main reason for going to Unova ATM is for any trading (sometimes me looking for something, others me giving someone something) and for hunting Audinos on Route 11 (a great place to ride back and forth looking for shaking grass exists in the middle of the path). Coincidentally, while leveling and evolving the imported entries, I also slowly give experience to my Unova catches.

Sooner or later, I'll pick my final E4 team from the entire PokéUniverse and train them all to the needed level together with Lucky Eggs to boost, then I'll be all set to properly complete the game! One thing is for sure; provided I succeed, I can literally later import anything I want into a future Gen. VI game (or even now into B2/W2) and maintain a completed Dex for anyone who needs help finding something or for anything to be bred in the future games.

I guess once I meet mission success, I will just want to be that one stop shop for whatever anyone needs.

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