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Wow, I've been sick with a wicked head cold for like a week now but I'm getting better now and have started playing again, so I guess It's time for a little update:

-Cleared the Lighthouse
-Battled my way to Cianwood
- Beat down Eusine and Chuck
-Went back to Olivine and beat Jasmine
-Cleared Lake of Rage then beat Pryce
- Cleared Ice Cave then beat Clair (Lv:36's ???)

Now It's of to catch Ho-Oh then to the Elite Four.

Yellow: 8/8l Crystal: 4/16

Ultimate Fairy-Mono Challenge
Kalos: 6/8

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

On Hold:
Dark - on Gen IV lll Flying - on Gen IV lll Ground - on Gen IV
Psychic - on Gen IV lll Steel - on Gen IV