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I want to learn more of that so can you tell me exactly what are you saying?
this will probably be deleted for bein off topic but here goes..... there was an instance where i had wanted to go back to an original "hard save" on my game but the file was changed cause i had loaded a save state(vba) with znes i didnt load the right save slot and it had done the same thing... the game save was the one for that save slot... which was like a few hours before the save i actually was on(sound confusing yet?) see with znes i didnt have the option checked to remember what my last save state was and on that emulator you have an awesome ammount of slots available for different games... now im more careful... on znes i got that option checked... on vba i never.... NEVER... use the most recent save option(thats what had screwed me on that)
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