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Alex nodded towards Yuki, looking around carefully for Yuki's Amber.
"Mhm, Everyone, we should all help Yuki look for Amber, after all, shes our friend, right?" He exclaimed, smiling brightly at Yuki.
"Don't worry. I'm sure shes around here somewhere, she can't of gone too far if she's wandered off." He said calmly, glancing around for any signs that might lead them to the lost cyndaquil.
"And your in the suicune dorm also? Thats great, a tleast we can come to each other for help if we need it, right?" He murmured softly, too focused on looking around now.
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Pokemon trainer academy pokemon team:

Rhyha (Male Rhyhorn) Level 20: Rock blast, Take down, Mega horn, Icy wind, Drill run, Protect
Ability: Rock head.

Lin (Female Linoone) Level 20: Super Fang, Iron Tail, Ice Beam, Fury swipes, Rest, Shadow Claw
Ability: Quick Feet

Miean (Male Mienfoo) Level 25: Fake Out, Swift, Detect, Drain Punch, Acrobatics, U-Turn.
Ability: Re-generator
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