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Shawn helped Kiki with laying Andy on Rayha's back, then turned to Yuki, who looked worried. Amber was missing, and from what Kiki said, Cynder was gone too. Shawn put a hand on Yuki's shoulder for reassurance. "Don't worry, Yuki. Amber can't be too far away," he said, calmly as possible. It was tough, though. With one friend out and two others missing their pokemon, he almost seemed stretched to the limit.

Kiki called Birdy to find Cynder, which got him thinking. "I wonder if Cynder and Amber are together. They are the same species, after all..." he said to everyone and no one at the same time. If they were, searching would be a little easier. However, he had to get Andy to the dorm.

"Kiki, let Birdy know that I'll send Zapper to help search once Andy and I get to the dorm, ok?" Shawn called to her, hoping she'd listen. After looking at Yuki one last time, trying to reassure her again, he turned to Alex. "Alex, you and Rayha head to the Raikou dorm. I'll meet you there," he said quickly before running towards the school. He had to get there to get the bed ready for Andy and think about what to do next.

Shawn didn't even know if there was a nurse at the school, but he had to do something else to help. Soon, a little out of breath, he got to the door to the dorm. He headed up to his room, where Zapper was waiting patiently on the window sill. He started to get the room and bed clean and ready.

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