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Name: Jay.

Age: 23

Gender: M

Jay is an adult who spends his free time free running and practicing parkour. He’s athletically built and able to find places unreachable by normal humans, which is what’s let him live through the infection. He is not tall relative to most people, only 5’6’’. When the infection broke out he was only able to grab a few supplies from his apartment in Celadon city. He is currently wearing a black hoodie, denim jeans, and a Misfits T-shirt (We can make up a band if you don’t want real life ones). To protect himself any airborne substances, Jay has put on a medical mask to protect his breathing. Jay also carries a normal school sized backpack containing; flashlight, 1 change of clothes, water bottles, rope, spray cans, and a Swiss army knife.

Jay was always more mature for his own age. Watching his parent’s marriage fall apart due to alcohol abuse made Jay very distant towards both of his parents. When his father left the family on his 12th birthday he grew a bit resentful at having to step up into his father’s shoes at such a young age. Because of this, Jay has become a sarcastic cynic. He became shy and preferred to be alone most of the time since he couldn’t relate to most of the people at his age. The only way for Jay to release his “inner demons” was through artwork, or more specifically tagging. However, many close calls with Officer Jenny made it hard to practice this. So he took to the air as best he could, climbing up buildings and finding easier paths to get up buildings around Cerulean City. By the time he hit 18, he decided to leave home and head on an adventure.

Traveling through Rock Tunnel and reaching Lavender Town, it was here he caught a Haunter by complete accident. But this ended up working in his favor later on when it finally evolved into a Gengar. Gengar lightened up Jay’s mood tremendously and was a huge help in keeping look out for any authority figures while Jay did his work. Upon reaching Celadon for a job offer he had been given back in Lavender Town, his first plan of action was to get an apartment in the Southern Part of the city. Feeling kind of lonely in only having a ghost as a friend, Jay ended up buying a Houndour puppy off the slot machine reels. For the first time Jay was finally happy for everything he had accomplished. So he continued working as an artist and secretly tagging at night for 5 years.

Life in Celadon was going greatly. Jay had been living out his dream, practicing his hobbies without bother, and had 2 Pokémon. He had also been recently become interested his new coworker Jasmine. When news about the Pokerus infection spread, Jay knew something was up and it wouldn’t be safe to stay in Celadon. Major population centers are always the first ones to go. He biked home from the northern part of the city passing by the labs on his way. The sight was frightening enough to almost stop Jay in his tracks. Experimented Pokémon ran amok overcoming the fleeing scientists. The guards fared no better as they were quickly devoured in a sea of agitated Pokémon. Jay pressed on as fast as he could home. He knew he only had a small amount of time to make it out of the city. He grabbed his supplies and made a break for the underground passage. Jay knew if Celadon was affected, Saffron city would be much worse. He would go to Lavender town where he knew he would be safer.

The screams and cries of helpless people were drowned out only by the air raid sirens above. Groups of survivors gathered what they could to fend off the infected humans only to be betrayed by their once loyal Pokémon. Jay knew that was always a bad idea. I mean seriously how dumb is it to your companions to be infected with any sort of disease, good or bad? Society is stupid. Jay thought to himself. He pressed onward toward the familiar Lavender town.

Pokémon: Houndour (nicknamed: Blazer)

Personality: Jay’s personal guard dog. Blazer is extremely loyal to Jay. He’s been raised as a pup to protect Jay and those he cares about. With Blazer’s incredible sense of smell lets him detect danger. He is an excellent scavenger and can find items most people would miss.
Moves: Flamethrower, Bite, Howl, Odor Sleuth

Pokémon: Gengar (nicknamed: Noxis)

Personality: A huge trickster when not in battle. Noxis loves to play practical jokes on those who aren’t as close to him as Jay. At first the smile on Noxis’ face may seem sinister but within the exterior is a very loyal friend. Since Noxis is a ghost Pokémon, this makes him an excellent scout and almost undetectable to those who aren’t extremely careful.
Moves: Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

Opening Post:

Why didn’t I just take my bike on the main road? Ugh. Jay thought to himself. A few days of walking, and not much food was starting to take its toll. He had no time to raid any stores in Celadon for fear of being caught in the massive riot. “Humph, guess its chili again.” He sank his teeth into a spoonful of canned chili. It used to be his favorite thing to eat when he didn’t have time to cook. After four days of nothing but chili Jay was getting sick of it. “I have to find some food soon, I can’t take this anymore. Noxis scout up ahead and tell me what you see.” He released his big purple ghost. Noxis floated ahead.

To the West he could see the ruins of Celadon city. A few smoke clouds drifted upwards to the clouds, but otherwise quiet. A few miles to the East is Saffron City. Jay suspected the infection had just hit. He saw only a few survivors here and there fleeing west to Celadon. He wanted to warn them, but would not risk exposing himself. No, Jay thought, I’ll be better off on my own. He raised his hoodie and climbed down the side of the tree he had been holding up in. As Jay reached the bottom, Noxis returned with his news. Up ahead was a Poke center, they were bound to have supplies and also the chance of danger. It was a chance he had to take. Jay summoned his trustee Houndour to his side. “Alright guys, we have to be careful. There might be more of those things in our way and I can’t risk having either of you injured. Let’s go with caution.” The closer they got, the more Jay began to get more nervous. He stood outside the entrance and observed action moving from the front.

A man around his 40’s limped slowly out of the entrance. He bled profusely from his injuries. He was barely hanging on to his life when he caught a glimpse of Jay. “Help… me…” He moaned with the last of his strength before falling over. A few seconds past before what seemed like vines began to slowly drag him inside.
“Son of a,” Jay muttered. “Noxis, go!” Noxis rushed over to the old man and readied a shadow ball. A small explosion of darkness broke the window panes, revealing an infected Tangela. Its vines whipped around in frenzy. Behind the counter the Pokecenter’s Chancey had also been infected and began moving forward, “Blazer! Burn that tangela. Noxis, use get on that chancey.” Blazer set the plant Pokémon on fire. Its unintelligible cries were quickly drowned out. Noxis powered up another shadow ball and let it loose knocking back the infected chancey. This gave Blazer a chance to set it on fire disposing of the threat. The ransacking began. Jay found a few rations and medical supplies stashed away, and unfortunately the now mangled body of the former Nurse.

“Well, it looks like we have a long way to go still. On to Lavender Town.” Jay recalled Blazer and sent Noxis to scout up ahead. The day was just beginning and it looked to be interesting already.
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